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Your local smile restoration expert.


Hello, welcome to Albany Dental Pros – the Capital District’s premier dental clinic.

Over the last 22 years, our licensed dentists have helped thousands of patients restore their smiles through effective teeth cleaning, whitening, and oral surgery.

There’s nothing quite like a nice smile, and we do everything in our power to keep your pearly whites that way.

Our local dental practice provides the full spectrum of dental services including sedation dentistry, mouth guard fittings, dental x-rays, dental checkups, oral cancer screening, oral cleaning, dental implants, crowns and bridges, veneers, braces, Invisalign fitment, dental visits for children, wisdom teeth removal, and more.

Whether your son needs his first teeth cleaning, your daughter needs braces, or your mother needs a root canal, our dental professionals are here to help.

teeth cleaning at albany dental care office

Looking for a pain-free dentist? Our team is trained in sedation dentistry, which means we can put you to sleep for any procedures you may need to have done.

Albany Dental Pros has a very experienced team of Albany dentists who perform every task with only the highest level of care and expertise.

Check us out on Google and you’ll see why so many people praise our services. We’re the best dental clinic in the Capital Region and we’re looking forward to working with you.

While I could brag about this amazing group for hours, it’s time to turn to you for a second.

You’ve got a set of teeth and something is up with them.

Maybe you’d need a routine dental cleaning.  Or maybe you’re just looking for a gentler dentist who takes better care of your mouth.

Whatever the case, you want a dentist in Albany, New York who not only has the skills to perform any procedure you need, but one who also loves what they do and believes in true customer service…someone with your best interest at heart who will ensure you have a pleasant experience no matter what you came in for.

Guess what – that’s our group!

Our amazing staff promise to always:

  • Be kind and considerate
  • Make your appointment scheduling an easy, speedy process
  • Answer all your questions
  • Address all your concerns
  • Perform every task with the utmost care
  • Ensure your comfort no matter what you’re here for

All you want is a dental service that can fix your teeth affordably without any pain or hassles.  Is that on point?

If so…and you’d prefer the best dental care the Albany area can offer without breaking the bank, then call (518) 535-3360 right now to book an appointment.

We can’t wait for you to see why the residents of the Capital Region consistently vote us the top dental clinic in Albany, NY year after year.

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We help everyone young and old keep their smiles in perfect condition for as long as possible by educating them on oral health and performing quality services for our patients. As a family dentist, we serve patients of all ages, young and old. 


Decades of experience has given us a lot of insight into what residents need from a dental provider and how we can best help them. Here we provide some information on the top questions we receive about what we do, pricing, and so on.

What services do you provide?

We have recruited experts from across the state to work with our group, so we have a large range of expertise across all different specialties.  We do teeth cleanings, denture creation, sleep dentistry, oral surgery, tooth extraction, full mouth restoration, dental implants, veneers, tooth fillings, fitment for braces for children and adults, retainers, Invisalign fittings, digital x-rays, and much more.

Emergency Dental Surgery – When accidents occur and you’re in pain, our emergency dental services are available to you.  We’ll inspect your mouth and perform any and all procedures to stop the pain and repair your mouth.

Teeth Cleaning – We consider dental cleaning a hygiene appointment. When you stop in to have your teeth cleaned, a licensed New York State dentist will inspect your mouth to ensure your oral health is up to par.  They check your teeth, gums, and bones visually and using x-ray technology to make sure there are no warning signs of issues. They also sanitize your teeth with special cleaning solutions so you can walk out of our office clean and refreshed.

Pediatric Dentistry – Taking the kids to the dentist doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you choose the right provider. Our pediatric dentists work with children constantly and do everything in their power to make sure they are comfortable and get the quality of care they need at a young age.

Digital Radiography – Using the latest in advanced digital radiography, our staff takes pictures of your teeth to monitor changes as you age.  This allows us to not only clean teeth more effectively, but it also helps us catch indications of future problems like gum diseases, tooth decay, and oral cancer. We believe preventive care is always best.

Mouth Guards – Whether you’re grinding your teeth in the night or trying to prevent yourself from getting your teeth knocked out playing sports in a league or at school, we fit people for mouth guards. Properly fitting nighttime or sports mouth guards offer quality teeth protection against numerous forms of trauma.

Sleep Apnea Devices – If you are having trouble sleeping or you’re constantly snoring and waking up your spouse, you may have a condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea makes it difficult for you to breathe at night, which hurts your sleep quality.  We offer sleep testing, sleep studies, and sleep apnea devices (including mouth guards) to fix this problem and help you improve your sleep.

Oral Screening – X-rays are one part of our oral screening process, which aims to identifying potential teeth issues before they become a problem. Early treatment of diseases like cancer can mean the difference between keeping a beautiful smile and losing your teeth, so we take it very seriously.

Affordable Dentures – If you’re missing one or more teeth, our Albany denture specialists can help you design a natural looking, fitted denture that perfectly matches your mouth.  The process is painless and can restore your smile to its former glory.

Dental Implants – Our dentists use dental implants to replace missing teeth as an alternative to dentures.  Give us a call to book an appointment and we’d be happy to discuss the pros and cons of all your options.

Mouth Reconstruction – If you’ve sustained trauma to your mouth and damaged your teeth, gums, and bones, there’s still hope.  We employ the top oral surgeons in Albany, and we have years of experience in dental reconstruction.  We’ll restore your mouth back to the way it was in no time.

Dental Crowns & Bridges – Dental crowns and bridges can be made from several materials, but the most common is porcelain. Using a thin sheet of it, we adhere the porcelain to the teeth to create the perfect aesthetic and fix cracks, holes, gaps, and more.

Cosmetic Gum Reshaping – Sometimes, people don’t like the way their teeth and gums look. Cosmetic gum reshaping services offer you an opportunity to create a symmetrical look for your mouth through contouring.

Teeth Whitening Solutions – Teeth whitening solutions are available to remove stains and yellowing on your teeth. To restore your pearly whites to that perfect shine, give us call.  We custom fit teeth whitening trays and provide the whitening solution to use for a designated time frame.

Invisalign – Whether you go with standard braces or choose to use Invisalign, our Albany upstate dental professionals will walk you through your options and answer any questions you may have. Invisalign braces are a great way to force your teeth into better alignment, which can improve the appearance and function of your teeth dramatically.

Dental Deep Cleaning – When there’s heavy build-up of tartar below the gum line, our dental deep cleaning service is used to remove it.  Heavy dental cleaning is a strong step to preventing gum diseases.

Tooth Extraction – Sometimes, a tooth dies or is damage and needs to be extracted.  Tooth extraction is a common form of oral surgery that we offer and have years of experience performing.  If you need one or more teeth removed, we can take of it for you painlessly using either Novocain or by putting you to sleep for the procedure.

Root Canal – Albany Dental Pros handles root canals frequently and uses special technology to map out the best process for each patient’s unique mouth structure. Root canal services can be performed while sleeping as well.

What locations do you serve?

Albany County and the surrounding areas of New York, really.  We have patients in Albany, Alcove, Altamont, Berne, Clarksville, Coeymans, Coeymans Hollow, Cohoes, Delmar, East Berne, Feura Bush, Glenmont, Guilderland, Guilderland Center, Knox, Latham, Medusa, Newtonville, Preston Hollow, Ravena, Rensselaerville, Selkirk, Slingerlands, South Bethlehem, Troy, Voorheesville, Watervliet, and Westerlo. Although we’re located here, we do still get patients from across upstate and even out of state due to our combination of dental care specialties.

How much does it cost?

The cost for any dental work is based on what you need done. Book a free consultation by calling our office and we’ll have someone sit down with you to talk about your needs and concerns.  Based on your unique situation, we will provide you with all the relevant information you need to choose between the available options.

Awesome. What’s my next step?

Contact our group at (518) 535-3360, or if it’s 2 AM and you’re scanning through the site, try our contact form and we’ll give you a call first-thing in the morning.